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July 12, 2016
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Enjoying with kids in their crafts assignment is a fun.

Kids Summer vacations all set to get over and mums are gearing up to help kids complete their homework. Besides, writing and other stuff kids are get craft projects as well and these little assignments become a big headache for parents.

Worry not because this article will take away all your worries and give you the ideas for your kid’s craft class. All these are simple and easy-to-do craft projects that look beautiful, you can also make your child learn these things super fast.

So what are we waiting for, go on!

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Alphabet pebbles

The best thing about this is that you can find pebbles around you and create the alphabet pebbles in a jiffy. Just pick the cute blunt ones, wash them and wipe. Either you can paint them or stick alphabet stickers on them, cover up with the transparent nail varnish and let them dry. Voila! You are done.

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Recycle juice carton or any other carton that is available. You can paint it or wrap it with your favourite glazed paper. Once done, just cut out a hole in your carton. To make a sail, take a straw and stick the paper cut in the shape of a triangle. You can decorate this ship according to your own taste and can also place a doll.

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Ice cream stick dolls
We all love ice cream and keep licking the stick for the lasting taste. We usually throw it afterwards; don’t throw them away. Just clean them and let them dry, you can create ice cream stick families. All you need is to draw faces and limbs on the stick. You can decorate them with different printed papers and create designs.

Create your own windmills to spin in the summer breeze. All you require is coloured or printed paper, a pin board pin and a stick. Take a square paper, slice it in four triangles, fold the alternate leaf towards to pin to place it firmly. Stick this a stick and you are done.

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Paper flowers
You can pick few bun cases and gather them together. Make a hole in the centre to stick to some wire or stick and you are done.

Ain’t they easy-to-do craft ideas? Have fun with your kids!

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