How to celebrate Grandparents Day in school?

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Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents Day Celebration preparation process.

Having grandparents at home is such a blessing. Children, who don’t have grandparents remain unaware of grand parents’ love and affection. And always long for them.

Nuclear family setup has also widened this gap between children and their loving grandparents. To bridge this gap and to honour the elderly, Grandparents’ day is the best thing schools can organize.

Here are few things and activities that can be held before, on the day of the event and post event.

Planning and pre event activities

Planning the event with utmost care is very important, as it involves children as well as their grandparents. A planning committee can be formed in the school consisting, principal, teachers and parents. The event should be planned at least six months in advance, so that the grandparents who don’t stay in the same town can travel and make arrangements to attend the event. The event can also be discussed with children in the classes, so that they can also give their suggestions.

Sending invites / Communication

Children can create hype about the event among the peer group as well as in their families by discussing the event at home or along with other classmates. They can invite other grandparents to their home and let them share their experiences, show off their talents or tell stories. Once the activities are planned, teachers can start writing notes in children’s dairies. They can also list out the activities that the grandparents would like to participate in. There should also be room for feedback and suggestions.


Just before the D-day

To warm up the grandparents and get the children excited. A high tea or a dinner can be arranged along with parents, children, grandparents and teachers. This can be coupled up with some music, fun activities that children and grandparents can do together.
On the day of the event
The event should be opened with morning assembly that grandparents should also attend. Followed by a crisp speech by the principal. Once the morning assembly is over, let children show their grandparents their school. The day’s activities should be as usual with children attending classes as usual, but with their grandparents.

Post event
Once the event is over, ask for feedback. The feedback can be given on the day itself by writing in the child’s dairy or by sending notes along with the children the next day.


For the absentees
There would be many who won’t be able to attend the event and their grand children will naturally feel left out. So, the control the situation, some grandparents can volunteer and adopt the child for a day.

These simple activities will not only bring the two generations together, but also help in the all over growth of your child.

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