Friendship Day 2016: Activities for kids

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Friendship Day

Celebrating Friendship Day with Kids.

Friendship Day is here and celebrating it with children and their friends could be plain fun. Having friends around along with little playful children will not only be fun but stress busting too.

To celebrate this special day with friends, you can plan activities for yourself and kids as well. This way you will bond well.

Check out the Friendship Day activities here:

Friendship chain: You can distribute some paper strips to children and ask them to write the name of a friend on the strip. Once done, they can attach those strips together to make a chain. This chain can be displayed on the wall. This activity will not only tell them the importance of friendship but will also strengthen their bond.

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DIY kits: You can bing some DIY kits and ask children to create some jewellery or bracelet for their friends. This could be their friendship day gift for each other.

Who’s who: You can record children’s voices in advance and play them during the activity to make them guess, who’s talking. You can also play games like describing clothes of one of the children and then other would have guess the name of the child.

Organise these activities at home or some club and see some happy faces.

Happy Friendship Day!

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