Top tips to correct behavioural issues in children

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Child behavioural Issues

Few tips that can help you in correcting your child behavioural issues.

Before having kids, you must have always cringed over fussy and unruly children and questioning people about why they haven’t taught their children some manners. But after having your own kids, you must have got the replies to your sarcastic queries and must be feeling guilty about your own behaviour.
If you are one of those who have fed of their unruly children, then this is the best thing you are reading today. First thing first, if your kids have behavioural issues, then it is your responsibility, as you haven’t worked on time. Not that you should feel bad about it, but it is something that parents need to understand. If you have brought a baby in this world, it is your responsibility to make him/her comfortable in this world.

Here are few tips that can help you in correcting your child behavioural issues.

Expect and respect

Children who believe that they can do anything or can get anything, usually throw tantrums to fulfil their needs. You need to set rules and tell them why and what exactly you expect from them. For example, if you want your child to go to bed on time, tell them why is it important to sleep early at night. You must also respect them and their needs. If you have set certain rules, you yourself also need follow them. In case you break some rule, do apologise as you have to set an example. Always, remember that you praise them for completing some work. Rewarding them at times should also work.

Polishing problem solving skills

Little kids need some power to do things otherwise they feel powerless and frustrated. You can’t keep nagging them all the time. Give them some space and let them find their answers themselves. You can help them by letting them decide some small things like what they want to eat or what they want to wear. How they want to handle a situation. This not only makes them confident but also polishes their problem solving skills.

Practice patience

You have to teach them patience. Make them wait for sometime; let them experience how it feels to wait. You also need to tell them what they are feeling. As kids they are not able to express much. But you can encourage and tell them what they must be feeling. To promote patience, you can give them games like puzzles or some other act where one has to find a given thing or complete a task.

Teaching your child to be empathetic is very important. It solves most of your problems. Ask them questions, because that will them understand and raise their awareness level. Help them in reading body language; they should know what you want to say by your facial expressions. This way they will correct their behaviour as soon as they see your face.

Now, stop feeling guilty about your child behavioural issues and work in the right direction.

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