7 Fun DIY Activities To Do With Your Kids This New Year’s Eve

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So 2016 is almost gone.

For parents with young kids, New Year’s Eve doesn’t usually mean bar hopping or hanging out with your pals and waking up the next morning with a splitting headache and a massive hangover.

Your little ones will sleep long before the midnight (and you might be too, kids are a handful), but that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome 2017 with memories that will last well into the year.

We hunted low and high and made this list of kid friendly fun things you can do at home. We had a few criteria:

  • You should not have to go and order anything special off Amazon.
  • You should not have to pay an arm and a leg.
  • It should teach your kids something useful.

Here’s what we got. Go have fun.

1. New Year’s DIY Goody Bags

This one is simple. Get a bunch of paper bags, paint them, and fill them up with poppers, toys, puzzles, candy and other goodies.

You will get a lot of stuff from the nearby gift store, or have fun stuff lying over from Christmas.

Print out paper clocks on each bag for every hour, and stick them in the bags.

As the countdown begins, start handing over the bags corresponding to that hour, and have fun.

Keep the goodies secret so that your kids are surprised, but involve them in other things like gluing the clocks to the paper bags. For more details, check out this post.

2. Confetti balloons

Another low cost, but surprisingly fun idea to celebrate new year’s eve.

Get some balloons, leftover wrapping paper, confetti, and/or glitter.

Punch holes in the wrapping paper until it’s all in tiny pieces.

Use a funnel to pour the mix into balloons. Blow them up, and hang them from the ceiling with streamers.

And then, let your kids go crazy bursting them. They will be entertained and will get a nice confetti shower as a bonus.

3. New year resolution paper flowers

This DIY activity needs paper plates, scissors, some crayons, and some hard thinking.

Not tough at all!

Take a round paper plate, and make a five/six petal flower design. Cut along the edges, and get your kid to write different things that s/he would do in 2017.

If they are stuck for ideas, simply ask them to write one thing that they would want to do as a sister, as a student, or as an extra-curricular activity.

Get them to color the petals with different shades, and glue a picture of each child at the center.

These flowers can be hung on top of your child’s desk or near his/her bed so that they don’t forget their promises.

4. New year’s time capsule

Capture the last day of this year with a “time capsule” which you can then open when 2017 ends.

Here’s how to do it.

Take a shoebox, glitter, sequins, a box of crayons, and drawing paper.

Cover the shoebox with designs or stickers. Print out a family photo and glue it to the box. Personalize and get creative.

Once the box is ready, give your kids index cards, and ask them to draw or write about something that they remember about 2016.

This exercise will help them be better writers, bring out their creative side, and make them think and introspect.

5. Confetti eggs

You can pull this stunt off if you got eggs and some colored paper along with a bunch of sharpies.

Make a hole on top of the eggs and drain out the insides. Wash the shells with water and put them out to dry.

Take colored wrapping paper and get your kids to shred them so that you have loads of confetti. Stuff the confetti into the eggshells and glue tissue paper over the hole.

Use sharpies to design and color the shells.

Hand out the eggs to your kids, or if they are too young tear away the tissue and shower them with colored paper before tucking them in.

6. New Year Collage

This collage is yet another fun and low tech, low cost activity.

The idea is to draw the outline of the coming year on a piece of cardboard or a stiff paper.

Get them some glue, and let them go nuts with any odds and ends that you have got lying around.

Stickers, cotton balls, sequins, glitter…any object that can be glued down is fair game. Take a photo of the collage once it’s done, and store it away: five years down the line, everyone will remember that new years eve when Millie super glued a 10 dollar note

7. Printer madness

If you have access to a printer, your kids are in for an amazing treat.

The internet is bulging at the seam with printable designs which will occupy your kids all night long, all the way to the bed.

Download a coloring sheet with different designs for each hour of the countdown to midnight.

Here are some printable sheets for an invigorating new year’s eve bingo game.

There’s always the option of coloring funny animals or just scrabbling with math.

Last but not the least, use this resolution sheet to write the resolutions for the new year.

Have fun, everyone and stay safe. 🙂

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