Why fairy tales are important for children?

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Fairytales for Kids

Fairy tales stories and their importance for children?

Fairytales, we all have read fairy tales and even got to listen at bedtime during childhood. It’s a simple activity that kept us hooked during school days, but many of us didn’t really know, how this humble exercise by our parents or grand parents was helping in shaping us.

In the times of modern gadgets, we often forget to spend time with children and hardly spare any time for story reading. But let us tell you, how important is it for your children to read fairy tales.

Here are few facts that will not only open your eyes, but will also compel you to start this activity as soon as possible.

Fairy tales may seem unrealistic, but they help a lot in shaping a child’s personality. While you are spending time with your children, read them a fairy tale. This will help them in knowing the world better.

Boosting imagination
Younger children have powerful imagination and are quite creative. Fairytale’s over-the-top characters create curiosity among them to learn new things. Fairy tales teach them the cultural difference. Colourful settings and imaginary subjects boost their creativity. Fairy tales let children know about how things are differently done in different cultures.


Moral education
All the fairy tales carry moral education and some message, some learning that helps children a lot. It tells them the difference between the right and the wrong. A moral session is always there at the end of the story. Whenever you are reading a fairy tale to your child, don’t ignore this moral session. It tells them that truth always wins, no matter what.

Critical thinking
Fairy tales boost critical thinking in children. While reading the story, they analyse the circumstances, the consequences of the steps taken by the characters and all. As a result they learn the difference between the right and wrong.


Dealing with situations
Fairytales teach children how to deal with tough scary situations.

So, the next time you find a colourful fairy tale book at the bookstore. Don’t ignore it, bring it home and share the joy.

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