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Kids Safety Device

Imagine this.

Your child is out there, gamboling about in the playpen.

He is clambering up on the monkey bars, swinging on the swing, and generally working up a sweat.

Until he slips and falls down and sprains his ankle or starts bleeding.

Oh, and he is alone, without a phone, and with no adult supervision.

If you are a parent, contemplating this scenario will send shivers down your spine.You try your best to keep your child in sight, or arrange for a sitter or a friend to watch over them if you are out running errands, or stuck in office.

But sometimes backup plans fall through despite your best efforts, and you have to hope and pray that everything will be okay, and you will return home to a happy, albeit sleepy kid who has worked off all excess energy.

What if you could add artificial intelligence to your hopes and prayers in the form of a wearable designed for kids too young to use a smartphone to call for help?

SOS buttons, but with a brain

Wearables for kids have come a long way in terms of technical capabilities.

Most products, which look kind of like watches will show you the location of your child using GPS tracking. One of the common features that are supported is a SOS button, which your child can press if s/he is in danger.

If everything works as planned, the button press will immediately generate a pop up alert on the companion smartphone app, letting parents know that there is an emergency.

But what if your child isn’t able to press the SOS button for a variety of reasons?

In that case, you will be unaware that your child is in pain or worse and won’t be able to do anything to help her when they need you the most.

The Vgowatch is designed to tackle just an eventuality like this, and proactively and automatically trigger panic alerts even before the kid gets to press the manual SOS button.

These automatic alerts, which we call Intelli-SOS alerts are generated by a combination of smart sensors and an algorithm which uses AI and machine learning.

Auto Emergency Alert

Here’s how it works:

  1. A specially designed chipset called the Paladin records vitals like heart rate, blood temperature, and blood pressure.
  2. This data is crunched by the Sentinel algorithm which uses machine learning and AI to decide whether any change in vitals is simply normal behavior, like your kid simply running around, or something that’s result of actual danger.
  3. In the event of actual danger like your son falling down from a swing with a twisted ankle the Sentinel algorithm triggers an Intelli-SOS alert. This notification immediately appears on all the phones paired with that particular Vgowatch.

Once parents or caretakers see the IntelliSOS alerts, they can take curative action. Because the Vgowatch already shows the real time location of the wearer, it’s easy for adults to come to the aid of an afflicted child.

An intelligent watch which learns constantly

Because of the nature of the Sentinel algorithm, every Vgowatch will behave differently when it comes to triggering Intelli-SoS alerts.

Like a smartphone keyboard which mangles up your words at first but later learns your unique spellings and sentence structure, a stock Vgowatch will initially monitor normal behavior to establish a baseline.

As a result, the alert threshold for a normally quiet girl would be very different from a rambunctious boy who’s prone to horseplay.

This also means that the Intelli-SOS feature might not immediately kick into gear if the watches are switched around and there might be cases of false positives.

However, the longer a Vgowatch gets worn the more accurate and reliable it will become in separating the normal from the dangerous.

With the Intelli-SOS alerts, you won’t have to worry whether your child is up to some trouble because it’s got a guardian angel looking over it all the time.

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