5 Benefits of Child GPS Tracker

Child GPS Tracker
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October 7, 2016
GPS Trackers
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October 21, 2016

GPS tracker has become an integral part of the American lifestyle.  According to Statista, from autumn of 2009 to autumn of 2012, 9.61 million people use GPS on their mobile phone in the United States.  The numbers are most likely to have risen, and now there are smartwatches that have GPS as well.

GPS tracker usage ranges from allowing an application to notify you of a sale based on location to using maps to find your way in traffic.  On a smartwatch, a GPS can be used to track running routes and let you know about pace and distance.  The uses for GPS beyond maps are only growing.

Below are five key benefits of Kid’s GPS tracker.

Create a Safe Zone

GPS tracker can create a safe zone for your child to play in.  Think of it like an electric fence.  When a child goes past the set parameters, they get a little buzz or notification telling them they are out of the safe zone.  This eventually teaches the child where it’s safe to play and where it’s not.  This can be great if you live near busy roads or unsafe areas.


When your child is in trouble, you need to know.  An SOS feature allows the child to get help with the press of a button.  This allows you to instantly react by going to the location and calling the police if necessary.  This also gives your child a tool to know they are never any further than a push of a button from your help.


Child GPS tracker are bright and colorful.  They often turn functions into fun games.  This allows the child to enjoy the watch, and in some cases, not know its real purpose.  This is great for young children who may not grasp technical ideas yet.  Some trackers even have games on them that kids can play with friends, which makes the child more likely to wear the watch.


Text or talk are great benefits of a child GPS tracker.  Instead of just watching where they are on a map, you can send a message to let them know of a danger ahead or to ask them to pick up the mail on the way in.  It turns the watch into a wearable phone.  However you use the interactive communication, you will benefit from this kind of device.

Health Aspects

The earlier a child learns about the importance of movement, the better.  In the case of a child’s smartwatch, features like heart rate monitoring and step counting can help a child strive for good health in a fun way.  This helps change the child’s idea of the watch as something they have to wear for Mom or Dad into something fun to wear that can keep track of how many steps they take.

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