Independence Day: Tell your child the story of India

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Independence Day

Grandparents Citing India’s Independence Day Story to kids.

This year India will celebrate its grand 70th Independence Day. As usual, you must have planned to spend this day as a holiday like every year. With a long weekend, many of you must have already gone out of the town. We would suggest, do something different even if you are not at home.

Yes! Tell your children the story of India. We have read so much about Indian history, heard stories about our freedom fighters by our grandparents. But as that generation is fading away, take the control of the situation in your hands and enlighten your children about the rich heritage of our country.

You can very well plan your day and trust us, you will never regret. There will be a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. Here are the few things that you can do.


Tri-colour breakfast: This could be the best way to start the day. You can have a tri-colour breakfast with tiranga sandwich, tri-colour fruit puddings and all. You can tell your kids about the importance of this tri-colour and the flag, which is India’s pride.


Independence Day parade: This could be one of those moments, when the entire family sits together and watches TV. You can tell your children the importance of parade, why is the day celebrated? Who addresses the nation on Independence Day, flag hosting, etc.



Our forefathers have done so much to free our country. You can be a great storyteller and tell your children the story of India. How India was ruled by British and our revolutionaries died while setting our country free.

Craft session:
You can ask your children to make anything that represents India, using craft material. It could be the national fruit, bird, animal or anything. You can even reward them for the good work.


Fancy dress: If you are at home, you can plan this activity including other children as well. It could be an Independence party of sorts for your kids. You can ask children to dress up like their favourite freedom fighter and also orate some lines about that personality. This will make them read about freedom fighters.

This activity will not only keep your children occupied, but will also make them more aware about their country, culture and people. So be a good parent and do your bit.

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