10 tips to imbibe healthy eating habits in your kids

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It is important that we imbibe healthy eating habits in our kids,it will make them healthy, disciplined & be focused too.

Eating healthy is very important not only for adults, but kids as well. Improper eating or unhealthy eating habits lead to either malnutrition or obesity in early years, leading to other health issues. Since, you have to imbibe these habits in your kids, so the best thing to do is to set examples and eat healthy yourself.

Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast is very important. It prepares you for the day, having a full stomach will make you ready to face the day. It will keep you energetic throughout the day. If you make your kids eat breakfast during early years, it stays with them even when they get older.

Healthier snacks

It’s easy to get hold of chips, biscuits, when you feel like nibbling on something. But you have to curb your desires and eat something healthy. If you eat healthy, your kid will copy you. You can stock healthy snacks like plain popcorn, nuts, unsweetened yogurt. Indulging into craving once in a while should not be bad.

Drink water

Keeping your body hydrated is very important. So, teaching your child to have water every now and then will keep their body hydrated. You can have water as a choice of drink during meals and keep juices and other beverages for occasions.

Growing your own food

Growing vegetables and herbs at home can not only give your some fresh veggies at home, but can be a fun way to teach children how food is grown. It could a learning and fun experience for you and your kids. If you don’t have a garden, having a window box will also do.

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Eating together
Eating together at least one meal together strengthens a family’s bond. You can make it a point to at least eat one meal together. It will also teach some social values to your kids.

Kitchen kings
You can teach your children and let them experiment with food in the kitchen. And can make it a fun activity by giving them their own aprons. Also can start with letting them help you in the kitchen with small tasks. You can get them enrolled in cooking classes in the kitchen. This will make them independent, once they grow up.

Slow eating
Eating slowly is the best way to have your meals. It helps in getting all the nutrients from the food and also helps in weight control at every age.

Creative cooking Kids usually are bit fussy about food. But you have to attract them and make
them eat. You can try different but nutritious recipes and decorate your food creatively. This will make them experiment with different tastes and textures.

Learning to stop
Children usually stop eating once they fell full. But you have to keep that sense active by making them question themselves regularly. Like ‘will I fall sick, if I eat too much’ or ‘eating something stale could make me unhealthy’.

Introducing new foods
Children can bit fussy about trying new things. Making them try new stuff could be a task, but don’t step back. You would have to be patient and make them try new flavours and foods at least 7 to 8 times, before they get used to it.

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