About us

About Us
It was in 2015, we started making partnerships with parents for them to to have peace of mind. Our dedication in creating a better communication between and a child made us be more inspired to develop products that will guarantee safety and education. We are Florida based company that aims to bring communication and education into the next level.

vgo.watch serves to be the bridge between a parents and their children and creatively designed products that will introduce everyone to more enjoying and convenient learnings. We are amazingly composed of new and experienced people coming from Ivy League university like Cambridge University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working together with us to reach shared interests and goals.

We put our best knowledge and skills in working efficiently in order to create better means of connection between the parents and children to anytime and anywhere they need. Our group is developing a unique combination of hardware and software that will introduce everyone to more innovative and convenient communication.

Our Team We have the best team in discovering and developing products that help everyone go for better understanding through effective communication. Our team is characterized with incomparable knowledge and versatility in bringing everyone into more meaningful way of communicating.

Our Expertise Our knowledge and skills best reflect our expertise in offering people with great satisfaction and unique experience from our products. We want everyone to be more aware of what technology can really make in making the bond between the parent and children even stronger combined with convenience.

We want everyone to feel that by having a product that provide ease of communication and new learnings, they will be able to see the world full of understandings and convenience. We know that through an excellent communication, we can bridge the gap and ensure peace of mind.
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